A Group Portrait That Is Filled With Laughter. Can You Feel The Buzzing Energy?

Kids Group Portrait. The boys soccer team from Phillipi Township, Cape Town, South Africa

I took this group portrait after a very energetic soccer game that took place in Philippi, one of the bigger townships on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Spending time with these energy bundles was great fun, plus it was an eye-opening day for me in so many ways.

Lots of people were out and about on the streets on this lovely Saturday afternoon. Adult teams where lining up one after the next to play on the soccer field and their fans where following them eagerly, and of course there was also the noise of vuvuzela’s in the air.

Happy to play on a grassy area nearby, the boys marked their goals with small rocks, picked their teams and off they went. Forget soccer shoes or shin guards, they simply played barefoot.

It was great fun to see how engaged everyone was in the game. They had great fun but at the same time they definitely took it seriously. Every eye around was fixed on the ball.

During the whole game I took loads of pictures and once it was over I wanted to take some shots of the group. At that stage not all of them where at the same spot, but once I started shooting and the rest of them realised what was going on, no one wanted to be left out. They all crowded together, with the rest of the boys jumping on top of them all. That’s when I took this photo and just seconds later the whole pyramid crumbled and they all fell down to the ground giggling with laughter.

This is by far my favourite group shot of the day and I’m happy to say that others seem to like it too. It has been a finalist at “My Cape Town Photo Competition 2010”, organised by Cape Town Tourism. If you are interested in seeing my kids group portrait together with the other finalist click here.

Group Portrait of Kids from Phillipi Township, My Cape Town Competition - Finalist

















My group portrait that became a finalist in My Cape Town Competition

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