Photography is my creative outlet.

My photography adventure started when I moved from Germany, were I grew up, to the US in 1995.
A good friend of mine was an amateur photographer in Chicago and he introduced me to the art. Thank you Rick!

I got hooked,¬†immediately bought my first SLR and with that, my photography journey began. I learned a lot from some great photographers over the years and still am. And that’s the fantastic thing for me, you always learn and explore new photography tips and tricks along the way.

Being away from home opened my eyes in so many ways and to so many new things. Things I wanted to capture and share with others. From that point forward I made the world my home, my canvas.

I am deeply inspired by the beauty of the world and fascinated by its diversity in people, nature and our surroundings.

In the galleries you can see some of my work from recent adventures. Many more to come.

And to read the stories behind the photographs, please visit my blog.