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I Wonder What This Young Baboon Is Thinking…

Animal Picture - close up of young baboon's face, Tokai Forest, South Africa

This young baboon looks quite sad, which he really wasn’t. The whole baboon clan was spread out over a wide trail at Tokai Forest in the Western Cape of South Africa, doing was baboons do best: playing, grooming, running around, chasing each other and watching what the rest is getting up to.

It’s a fun sight to watch and the little ones are really cute. I could have spent hours watching them, but I have to admit, the adults are somewhat intimidating and I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong foot with them.

But I got very lucky that day… coming across the baboons right at the start of our little photo walk was amazing. Especially because we headed out to capture  mountain bike riders racing down the steep trails. Well we got those too, but for me, the baboons where the highlight of the day.

What does this say about a good-planned photo walk? Well, again, to me it shows it’s great to find out what you want to shoot and plan it, but it’s even more crucial to be prepared and flexible enough to grab a fantastic opportunity when it comes your way.

I’m definitely very happy with the shots I got on that day. One of them you might have seen on my blog before. It’s another animal picture, a silhouette shot of two baboons grooming.

Young baboon in thought, Tokai Forest, South Africa

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Baboons Grooming – An Animal Picture Of A Different Kind

Wildlife Photography, silhouette photo of baboons grooming in Tokai Forest, South Africa (Photos by Angelika)

With baboons coming close into Cape Town’s suburbs, they make great subjects for an animal picture. Although I wouldn’t dare to get too close to them, they are quite used to people and with that, they don’t get scared away easily. They are still a hard subject to photograph though, as it seems like they never keep still.

While being out and about in Tokai Forest, one of the many Table Mountain National Park forests on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, I came across a large group of baboons. The whole troop occupied the wide trail I was walking on. To be honest, it was quite an intimidating sight. Good thing I wasn’t by myself  and the forest itself was busy with joggers and bikers alike.

I took lots of pictures of the baboons, although due to the low light conditions and their fast moving around it wasn’t an easy task. After quite a while and having taken lots of images, I still wasn’t happy with what I got so far. So I thought I’ll try something else. A different kind of animal picture.

The big trees of the forest allowed only a few sun rays to shine through and I got the idea to try a silhouette shot, rather than aiming to capture the baboons under the low light conditions. Scouting for a spot where the sun came through, I found the two baboons you can see above. The smaller baboon grooming a big male. Quickly changing my camera settings I adapted an angle that I thought would work for the animal picture I envisioned and quickly shot a few photos.

It was perfect timing, because right after I took those pictures, the group scattered away into the forest, away from the trail.

Checking my images at home I really fell in love with this picture of the two baboons. I think the light works perfectly in favour of portraying the intimate moment between these two baboons.

Animal Picture taken in Tokai Forest, South Africa

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