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Where The Atlantic And Indian Oceans Meet – Cape Agulhas


Where The Atlantic And Indian Oceans Meet - Cape Agulhas

You can’t see it with your eyes, but this is where the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meet.

Away on a road trip, we hardly saw any other cars while winding our way along dirt roads from Cape Town to Cape Agulhas. Thanks to the GPS system we didn’t get lost and instead discovered some stunning scenery, feeling totally isolated from the world. Field after field and a few sheep and cows in-between.

A few months ago some great friends and I went on a fantastic road trip that took me back to nature, and I have to admit I didn’t realise how much I missed it. It’s been quite a long time since my last camping trip and I’m always amazed how easy and quickly I adapt to changing circumstances. While I love the comfort of my own bed, bathroom, having electricity,… (you know all the common things of modern life that most of us are all so used to and take for granted), it’s always great to take a step back – back to nature and the simple things in life.

It was definitely a treat to sit around the camp fire, enjoying a delicious braai (BBQ for those non South African’s), freshly firewood baked bread, a glass or two of tasty South African wines and good old chats with some amazing people. Living in Cape Town, where I’m more used to a sky that gets illuminated by city lights throughout the night, those dark skies out at Cape Agulhas, dotted with millions of glowing stars, were simply stunning and I never grew tired of gazing at the heavens.

We spent the days driving around, hiking and looking for treasure… Yes, you read correctly. Okay, maybe not treasure in the sense of gold and jewels, but real-world outdoor treasure hunting for hidden containers.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

On the trip I got my first taste of geocaching. It’s simple, you go on to their website, register and type in the location in which you’d like to go treasure hunting. You’ll find the GPS coordinates and with those in tow you go on the hunt. Most likely you’ll find a container somewhere nicely hidden. Open it up and write down your geocaching username and date to confirm you’ve really been there.

Depending on the treasure you might even find some strange items in the container and the rule is, if you take one out, you have to put one back in. Simple as that. Once that’s all done put the container back where you found it. To keep a record, log in to the geocaching website and record your find.

You should check it out. It’s great fun and I’m sure there is even a treasure near you ; )

It just so happens my very first geocache was the one hidden at Cape Agulhas where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, close to where I took this image.

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I Wonder What This Young Baboon Is Thinking…

Animal Picture - close up of young baboon's face, Tokai Forest, South Africa

This young baboon looks quite sad, which he really wasn’t. The whole baboon clan was spread out over a wide trail at Tokai Forest in the Western Cape of South Africa, doing was baboons do best: playing, grooming, running around, chasing each other and watching what the rest is getting up to.

It’s a fun sight to watch and the little ones are really cute. I could have spent hours watching them, but I have to admit, the adults are somewhat intimidating and I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong foot with them.

But I got very lucky that day… coming across the baboons right at the start of our little photo walk was amazing. Especially because we headed out to capture  mountain bike riders racing down the steep trails. Well we got those too, but for me, the baboons where the highlight of the day.

What does this say about a good-planned photo walk? Well, again, to me it shows it’s great to find out what you want to shoot and plan it, but it’s even more crucial to be prepared and flexible enough to grab a fantastic opportunity when it comes your way.

I’m definitely very happy with the shots I got on that day. One of them you might have seen on my blog before. It’s another animal picture, a silhouette shot of two baboons grooming.

Young baboon in thought, Tokai Forest, South Africa

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